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Deep compositing became day to day work in many compositing studios around the world. Nuke having couple of Deep nodes to do Deep compositings. But Nuke still lagging Deep edge manipulating  nodes like edgeBlur, erode etc.
I have faced many issues with blending edges while merging Deep inputs with 2D plates. Edge looks too sharp in many cases even there is Deep holdout. DeepEdgeSmoother is applying softness on both end of Deep layer (Deep front and Deep back).


This gizmo add smoothness on both end of deep data to blend the edges more naturally. I hope this will help you guys.

Download here: DeepEdgeSmoother

roto shape life time settings

roto shape life time based on keyframes
This is long time request. I haven't got time to look into this after joined in MPC. Got some time yesterday. Thought to update my blog with new tool. Here is the simple tool but much needed one ( i hope).

One of my friend requested to automate roto shapes lifetime based on the key frame. We use multiple way to set roto shapes lifetime. Some artists uses lifetime tab in roto node, Some simply move the roto shape out of the working resolution. Some guys are using 'multiply' node to achieve this. Some artists animating 'visible' knob in roto node. The way of doing this will differ from artist to artist. How to make this organised ?.

Here is the idea:

Most of us using nuke roto node lifetime tab set the lifetime based on the frame range.

Some artists using mouse click option in curve window in roto node.

In both way we need to feed the frame range either we need to choose to-end or to start. Doing this is not ti…

lockNode for nuke

Locking the nodes knobs (sliders) inside nuke very long waited future. It is requested many time with foundry but i don't think they going to add this unique future. So i have decided to create a python code for this function. Her is the solution.

This code allow user to lock the nodes knob. Once you lock the knobs, then you cant modify any sliders until you un-lock the knobs. This will save you from any accident changes. Hope this will help you guys.

Latest version support to write the info to your nuke script. So it will always locked if you close your nuke script and re-open it. I have used some cheat method to keep the node locked while user save their nuke script. I have tested many times and haven't faced any issues. Let me know if you faced any issues.


right mouse click on node property panel. You will get options 'lock_knobs' and 'unlock_knobs'.

Select 'lock_knobs'. This code will lock will the knobs and put Node_Locked text …

Hi nukers i have created this little code for my friend request. I'm decided to share this code with you. Hope this will help you friends.

This code toggle on - off ripple edit mode in nuke. Select your roto shape and run the hot-key. This will really help full while edit rotoshape inside nuke. Here im using alt+q as keyboard shortcut. But you can use your combination of key's. work with nukes roto and rotopaint node. Tested several time and working fine. If you have any bugs or reports mail to

Original Code:

### created by satheesh-r, Oct 2014.
### To toggle on & off nuke roto, rotopaint nodes ripple edit function.
### for bugs & reports:

import nuke

def rippleEditOnOff():
    selNode = None
      selNode = nuke.selectedNode()
    except ValueError:  # no node selected
    getValue = selNode['toolbar_ripple'].value()
    if getValue == False:

extract selected roto shapes

This script extract selected roto shapes from selected roto, rotopaint node in nuke. Usually we use to do, copy the desired roto shapes and then create a new roto node and paste the shapes. If roto node contain baked tracker info, then we copy paste the entire roto node and then delete unwanted shape's from pasted roto node.

I have created extractSelectedShapes script to make this process automatically. Tested several times and working with nuke 6, 7, 8 versions. This code also work with roto shapes imported from silhouette and mocha.

How to use:

Select the roto shapes need to extract make sure your roto node selected.

Run the script. This script will prompt you to choose the output method. User can extract the selected shapes into one roto node or each shape into separate node.

If user choose single this code copy paste selected shapes into single roto node.

Master roto node remain same.

If user choose each, this code create multiple roto node and copy p…

Inbetweener for silhouette


Silhouette don't have the very use-full keyboard short-cut for jump half-way between frames like other software's have (nuke). In nuke you can jump half way through between key frames and frames by hitting 'alt+arrow' keys. But this future is missing inside silhouette.

One of my friend requested me to write script for jumping half way through between frames inside silhouette. Also he mentioned this will going to be more use-full for roto artists. So I have created this scripts months ago and like to share with public. Hoping this will help you friends.

This is what this script will do....

Keyboard short-cuts:

alt+x for forward.
alt+z for backward.

Tested several months. Working fine with Silhouette v5 plus, v4 plus not tested in previous versions.

For bugs and reports -

download scripts:


download the scripts and Copy paste it into....

Linux:  /opt/SilhouetteFX/silhouette v5.1/resources/scripts/
you have to chan…

Usually we use "Shuffle" node to extract alpha from ID mattes. Some of us use "Expression" node to do the same thing. Some time we need to use basic maths function in "Expression" node to get exact matte. This code create 'Expression' node and feed the value from the window. It also clamp the value. So no need to worry about the clamp issue.

Example maths function: r, (r+b)-g, (r+g+b), (r-g)

This code will pop-up small window like below image.,

User can select maths function from the list of drop-down menu. Most of the maths function's are pre-defined and stored on the UserChoice menu. This code allow user to feed their custom maths function. If user feed anything on custom math field this code will take the code and feed the info into the expression node.

Below video will explain how the function works:

Hope this will help you friends.,